We continuously monitor and improve the quality of our product.

We’ve been exceeding our customers’ expectations for over 30 years!

Fast and reliable turnaround time from receipt
of wheel.
Turbax Wheel Corporation is committed to having the best wheel reconditioning facilities in the nation. Our goals are to set a standard of excellence in the industry through continuous training, research and development of high quality products produced at fair prices, and by providing relentless customer service.

Our Customers Love Us!

The best! Great customer service. Owners are amazing, quality is amazing, customer service is spectacular....... kinda makes me want to hit a curb so i can experience that amazing service once more.
Israel R.
Great work..if your looking to have your wheels look like new..then ask for Sergio..I have 20' inch wheel from Tacoma XSP and Sergio made them look like new..really impressed..it's not the cheapest but he is the best..no buyers remorse here..thank you Sergio!
Erick V.
Repair work was done quickly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank!  Thank you Turbax!!
Alex T.
Turbax Wheel Corporation
14150 S.W. 119th Avenue Suite 101
Miami FL 33186
Phone: 800-395-4914
Fax: 305-255-5312
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