Our Quality

At Turbax we care about quality. We have been repairing wheels since 1992. During the first two years, we studied the feasibility of wheel repair. And consequently developed a safe repair method for aluminum automotive wheels. This was achieved through common sense reasoning skills. We worked closely with a certified A.S.E. Master Automotive Technician. Through this process, much practical experience on the various techniques for wheel repair had been tested. It is also very important to note, the founder of Turbax Ron Holmes has extensive experience in the field of Automotive Collision Repair. In fact, his career spans over forty years in this field.

Almost 75% of the employees at Turbax come from the Auto Collision Industry. Anyone who has worked in this industry knows that it is high paced and quality-driven.

Turbax has never had a wheel failure, safety is our goal. Turbax only observes reasonable wheel repair practices. This is our commitment to you the customer.

We feel it is paramount to return the wheel to the customer in "Like new condition", structurally and cosmetically.

Turbax will never compromise the structural strength of a wheel, or alter "critical" areas of the wheel, such as the Tire Bead Seat Area. We will never machine this area with a lathe. In fact, our equipment makes it impossible for us to machine these areas. Our tool or cutter bits may never maneuver into these areas. Some other wheel repair shops will machine these areas, in an effort to take a bend out of a wheel. We do not do this since it will make "thin spots" and cause the tire to fit loosely on the rim. Instead, we do it the best way and actually straighten the wheel. Turbax has spent much time in research and development of straightening techniques and leaves the Tire Bead Seat Area untouched throughout the repair process.

Turbax Wheel Corporation
14150 S.W. 119th Avenue Suite 101
Miami FL 33186
Phone: 800-395-4914
Fax: 305-255-5312
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